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High-stakes testing has not worked for education.

Timing is everything. As a result, history often becomes circumstantial in reaction to the conditions that presented themselves in the moment. One of the keys to transformational leadership is recognizing when a key moment has presented itself and seizing on the moment to implement or improve practices that will benefit our society or our institutions for years to come. Education leaders need to heed the moment we are in, cancel standardized tests again for the present pandemic year, and move to remove high-stakes testing as the sole measurement of whether schools and teachers are successful.

Vital steps to ensure all children receive the best teaching possible.

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After writing and publishing my last article, I have decided to split the second half of “Common Sense Innovation” into multiple pieces. Therefore, sections 4 through 6 will each be a separate article over the next couple of weeks. Refocusing our priorities in education is huge in scope and requires a focus and dedication to each aspect. I am also still a full-time Principal and for time’s sake, it is easier to chunk it this way.

Outside of early childhood development and nutrition, there is nothing more important to the education of a child than a high-quality teacher. …

Using what we know to increase educational achievement.

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Last week the United States put the rover Perseverance on Mars to collect data and information regarding past or current life. This is an outstanding accomplishment that took incredible levels of vision, collaboration, innovation, and hard work. Such a feat is commendable and I admire the work of those at NASA for making this possible. However, the bill to get Perseverance to Mars was $2.4 billion and will cost $300 million to operate for its first year on the red planet. When we choose to put our resources behind what we truly value, we are capable of accomplishing amazing things…

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At a minimum, our essential workers deserve healthcare equivalent to our lawmakers.

First of all, we must recognize and say an overwhelming and sincerest of “thank yous” to those individuals that continue to have to go into work, tend for the sick during a pandemic, help run our subways, stock our grocery shelves, keep our city safe, deliver our mail and packages, and figure out ways to teach our children from afar. Our thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and anything else we can send is with all of them.

We have reached a level of crisis, panic, and anxiety in this…

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Attend any dinner party, read local listservs, follow parents on Facebook, or just sit at the dinner table and education is often a topic of discussion. I imagine it is simply because everyone is connected to education in one way or another…they attended school, they know a teacher, they currently have kids, etc. However it’s one of the only professions where everyone has an opinion on what should or could be done better, why teachers aren’t working hard enough, and how a principal should be running a school. As a lifetime educator and a parent of two school-aged children, I…

I am incredibly thankful to be a public educator. Not only am I able to work with outstanding educators each day, but I also get to work with and learn from incredible young people and their families. The lessons we teach through our actions and the way we treat others are just as important as the lessons we teach in the classrooms. Not only will our scholars need to know how to evaluate arguments and use critical thinking to develop complex solutions, but more importantly will need to know how to communicate effectively, accept and treat others with respect, and…

We Must Do Better

Within the last year I have sat down to write this post and have never quite gotten it to where I want it to be. I vent and record my thinking, but I never went back to it to create anything to share with the outside world. However, this weekend’s events have created a situation where I feel, for my own sanity and ability to process these hate-filled atrocities, as well as for the overall conversation, I must share.

We have a major mass shooting issue in the United States. I could give you all of…

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Teacher, Staff Developer, and Principal. Dedicated to the improvement of children's lives through education and community development.

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